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Time is coming, in the wild river, in the dark forest we found the truth.
Music: S. Melicherik Lyrics: P. Wilsen

In the rock city

I walk on the old street,
I am used to follow my shadow.
Night is changing into light
and darkness goes with my steps.
When the first dash is falling trough the moonlight
spirit’s waking up.
I walk by the famous town,
the town full of women and rock.
There is only one law,
charism which hurts by glance.
Rock city, so old dream
the passion arise only one
Rock city of paradise
try how it's like tasting
There is smoke from cigarettes,
we can hear the voices
stars don´t need to be famous
I stay little bit, not to loose anything.
Tomorrow new day coming
and won't be exciting
If I make more, it's forgotten
I use all happiness
not to be so sorry.
More I dont miss, more I dont need.
More is just rock, all what I feel.
I am sitting in a known bar
I'm getting drunk of glace of charm.
Let the nigh let´s forever
I want to put it's black dress down.

Music:S. Melicherik, S. Valla  Lyrics: P.Wilsen, R. Jakobej

Hidden grace

It's not the game when I tell you
I'm asking for last ace.
Everything burns, the smoke disappear
and the ash was blown away
Living memories, draw pictures on water
no more offers from you, only golden chains.
I'm looking down not to fall in the grass
but that in front of me is always
always leaving me.
Everyday is new offer
Underneath mask is hiding face
The future´s blind once show itself.
So please don´t take its hidden grace.
In love movie once finished
we have chance to be actors.
Leafs falling out, slave will be king
happy end is in our hands.

Music: P. Wilsen Lyrics: P. Wilsen

Night of liar

I know myself I' m old
for gift and strange thoughts
which you give me every night.
I am in dirty hag
later in prison
even I still don´t know you.
Maybe minute is enough
maybe only short glances
don´t take dating like an engagement.
Get on with it, we have a time
even little mature in us.
Get on with it, it's not the quiz
everyone makes enough mistakes.
You tell me cest' la vie.
My balm for my pain
for which I´m missing my hope.
I am interested
perhabs you also
I'll end with the kingdom of the proud.

Music: P. Wilsen Lyrics: P. Wilsen

Desert pool

It is long time, I could read the palm
suddenly everything is lost
Cup' s left broken, candle burns out
every seems to be the last.
I'm asking in silence
of my consciousness
why I'm a slave
of the cruel conscience.
For a short time I did´nt hesite
and took myself forbidden fruits.
Nothing can happen if only one
I bite into it with pleasure.
Only painI feel, sadness in dark soul
the book is opening, I'm starting to read.
I am waiting as desert pool
for the next rain
for a few stupid words
swearwords and phrases.
Like the moon before is new
for the first light
I've sold in the second
everything I met.

Music: S.Melicherik, S. Valla Lyrics: P.Wilsen

Dew on the window

In the cage keeps us
with the wine makes drunk
walking on water on drawns.
Colors give the shine
strong open the feast
is dealing the cards and wins.
Rock changes into gold,
poor become rich
until the love is enough.
Town reaches up the skies
Allows go straight up
and then is falling out.
Close the windows
I'm spending last money
who don´t see it is blind.
Draws on the walls
creates religions
making wars and shoots.

Music: S. Melicherik Lyrics: P. Wilsen

The lost dreams

From high I fall down to the knees
like an angel with broken wings.
I risked my only hope
but she died alone very first.
Flowers of happiness faded away
You go away, disappointment forever.
You don´t know my name
It´s fly to the sky to his memories
to find the rest and lost dreams
You don´t know my name
It´s fly alone to the distance
where is no other chance.
Long swallow the dust
life not ends
You go away disappointment forever.

Music: I. Hrncik, S. Valla Lyrics: P.Wilsen

Cruel promise

I can't remember our first date
after the first glace you were mine.
After the first kiss I was flying
and now I kiss the cross on tomb.
Earth is cold
which once took you from me
bed is cold
where your name has been written
without words, kiss and good bye.
I know you like the fresh flowers
I´ve watered them with my tears
now they are blooming beautifully
on tomb of our cruel love.
I remember once you´ve promised me
that you will stay with me
Do you really catch your last promise
thank you but I miss you.

Music: P. Wilsen Lyrics: P. Wilsen

Ways of life

How many places
I will go to find the peace.
How many faces
I´ll meet until I forget.
I' m just letter in the thick book
but I' m realizing
That letter it means a lot as well
and can change hole event.
I look for my own way
which will be leading me away.
I look for meaning of life
which enlighten me and the others too.
I' m standing on bridge
which I've created alone
It' s putting together
my thoughts with eternity.
I' m just dust in the universe
but I' realizing
silly dust has got it's own duty
to be unique on the world.
On the way…

Music: S. Valla, L. Krabac    Lyrics: P. Wilsen

Behind the mirror

All is a joke, just the truth's not
I can´t feel pain or disappointment
I was different I could be happy
strong emotions can change every soul.
I only dream, I' m standing behind the mirror
I only feel, I' m not empty anymore
No more just words
to finish sorrow and wins the last one.
No more just words
all the bad thought start listening the world.
I' m only slave of my feelings
I think by brain and live by body.
I always done with my best aim,
but sweetness of sin has eaten me up.
I only breathe air clean as never before.
I only dream I' m standing behind the mirror.
I take pen to my hand
write some cheerful poem
and to deep into myself.
That how it is, no point to be
without the pain, which is forming
to the perfect
I' m not thinking to start to be alive

Music: S. Valla Lyrics: P. Wilsen





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