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In the artificial world full of hypocrisy and half-truths, we are looking for the otherness. Tristana has found its inspiration in the Carpathian mountains. An intelligent alternative metal saturated with the chilling atmosphere of snowy peaks, wild ferocious rivers and the darkness of endless forests. Tristana mixes this magical ambience with fantasy. As the light alternates with darkness, Tristana alternates ultra-melodic parts with hard passages and screaming vocals. The journey on this path has been long and extremely varied for the group.The band was founded in the late nineties, initially their style was heavy speed metal which varied migration of band members . The band has performed support for a variety of foreign stars increasing the fan base and exposure for all. The journey began from the debut album “Back to the future “publishing by Leviathan Records in 2003. Bassist Laco Krabáč was the only current member who performed on this initial recording. Immediately after this release singer Peter Wilsen joined. This influenced a new direction for the group towards a slower and harder sound. Peter Wilsen left the band in early 2005 causing an almost 2 years break, during which the band didn´t perform. At the turn of 2006/2007, Peter rejoined the band . In 2010 the band started working on a second studio album that went under the name “Zircon Street”. Genre is power metal with a slight hint of Gothic. After its release there came the greatest shuffling of members. Eventually adding guitarist Dusan Homer, keyboartist Andrea Almási and the drummer Noro Kupecz. Tristana was hardening again to the best power metal parts blended with death metal, gothic and many modern core riffs. Stylistically, the group opted for an alternative metal sound. A change in lyrics immerged , until now themes of the universe, or fate, the new lyrics are darker, dealing with existence and death, sometimes adopting mythical creatures like vampires, witches, now the lyrics are more about fantasy and horror. All these factors enabledthe group to move forward in leaps and bounds. Tristana played alongside the legendary Scorpions in 2011, toured with Czech's Arakain fixed star and performed at the prestigious Masters of Rock festival. In April 2012 the release of the debut video clip called Friday 13th, which thus became the harbinger of a new, third album in the making . pianko





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